Aktueller Ausschreibungszeitraum / Current call period: ist abgelaufen/ ended on 15th July 2023

Important Information about the Selection Process

Applying for a One World Scholarship, submitting the application form and the necessary documents do NOT GUARANTEE a successful scholarship position. As scholarship positions are very limited, applicants go through a multi-stage selection process:

  1. Submission of the online form
    Please fill out the form completely and submit it. As correspondence in the further selection process will be sent via the email address from the application form, it is important that the email address is filled in CORRECTLY. Please also check the spam folder regularly.

>>> application form german >>> application form english

  1. Verification of formal criteria
    After receiving the application, the formal criteria will be checked:

Formal criteria are NOT fulfilled: the applicant receives a REJECTION by e-mail.
Formal criteria are fulfilled: The applicant will be requested to send the documents (see checklist) via transfer link by e-mail in a short period of time.

It is advisable to prepare the documents in advance for digital transfer!

  1. Examination of the criteria regarding sustainable development
    After receipt of the application documents, the content criteria will be checked to see whether there is an interest in and commitment to the field of sustainable development and whether the focus of the degree programme is in a relevant field:

Criteria regarding sustainable development are NOT fulfilled: The applicant receives the REJECTION by e-mail.

Criteria regarding sustainable development are fulfilled: The applicant receives an INVITATION to the online interview by e-mail.

  1. Online interview
    The study advisor arranges an appointment with the applicant for the online interview.

The participation link is sent by e-mail after the appointment has been fixed.

  1. Acceptance/rejection
    Shortly after the application deadline of 15 July, the Grants Committee will meet and decide whether to award or reject the scholarship place.

Award or rejection notifications will be sent by email in the first half of August.