One June15th 2019, Afro-Asiatisches Institut Salzburg organized an excursion to Klausbachtal. The Klausbachtal Valley in the western part of the National Park covers an area of approximately 7 km in length from Lake Hintersee to Hirschbichl Pass, the border of the Salzburgian Pinzgau region in Austria.

Here the Tour begin Participants © AAI

Our journey began from Salzburg Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) at 8:50 am. All the scholarship holders met at the Salzburg station. Then, we got our bus to reach our main destination. Our first stop was Berchtesgaden HBF, from where we took another bus to continue our journey. Berchtesgaden is a German town in the Bavarian Alps on the Austrian border with such a scenic view. It was a beautiful shinny day as the weather was glorious.
From Berchtesgaden HBF we reached to the Hintersee (bus stop Auzinger). It was our last stop and then we started our hiking. Hiking in those Alps was such a wonderful experience. I took many pictures but while taking picture I was thinking that my camera is not doing justice to these beautiful scenes. However, I still tried my best to capture them.

National park Berchtesgaden

The purpose of the excursion was to experience nature, learn about environmental protection while exploring this unspoiled reserve on well-marked hiking trails. This park was founded in 1978 and it is Germany’s only alpine National Park, a place where plants and wildlife remain untouched.

Participants © AAI

This is a unique little place where people can breathe in a very healthy environment and nature can develop. It is a unique little world where the nature can develop of its own accord. Numerous activities allow visitors to experience this beauty up close and to reach it easily. A special bus called “hiker’ bus“, for instance, takes passengers from Hintersee to Bindalm pasture and on to Hirschbichl. We experienced beautiful views during hiking.

Hanging Bridge Klausbachtal © AAI
Waterfall in klausbachtal © AAI Forest view of Klausbachtal © AAI

I enjoyed the beautiful view of waterfall and forest. It was a place full of nature.

The beauty of this place was mesmerizing, it was surrounded by mountains and clouds. From the moving clouds one was able to see the peaks of mountains and small houses built on the steep slope of mountains. When you see above the ground you could see the magical natural scenes which easily take your mind to disney movies. But when you see on the ground then it hits the reality and you see the beautiful touch of modernism since there were cars, buses and other modern days things. It was like a moving fairy tale with a beautiful touch of modernism.

View from German to Austrian territory (Hirschbichl) © AAI

After very good experience of hiking we reached to the Gasthof Hirschbichl for our lunch. This place is located on border between Bavaria and province of Salzburg. I was impressed with this place as you can easily move from German to Austrian territory. Everyone was enjoying their time. Everyone was very hungry and now waiting for the food. I got the chance to eat the Austrian food.

After the delicious lunch we went back to the Hintersee via bus.

Paradise (Hintersee) © AAI

Hintersee is a hidden paradise. A beautiful small lake with small rocks to climb, a beautiful iceblue creek and a fairytale-like forest. This place is perfect for exploring or maybe finding a quiet spot for swimming or lunch. After having spent an unforgettable day in this beautiful place we went back to Salzburg HBF. I am really thankful to the “Afro Asiatische Institut Salzburg” as they organized this excursion for the students and we got the chance to explore the beautiful place of Klausbachtal.

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