On April 5th 2019, one world scholarship holders of the “Afro-Asiatische Institut Salzburg” embarked on a workshop on climate negotiations with a game called: KEEP COOL, Gambling with the Climate.

Climate quiz & game introduction

The topic of climate change, and the causes and consequences of global warming were first introduced to the participants to get a clear picture of climate change in general and global warming in particular.

Introduction to Gambling with the Climate; the Climate Quiz © AAI


The game was centred on climate change and climate politics with insights on the role and actions of different countries’ groups and organisations and the role of politics in climate change negotiations.

Climate game dynamics

The flow of the game was so challenging and entertaining that participants were making decisions as if they were making real life decisions :). The game showed to the participants that the positive or negative actions of one group of countries or organisation towards climate change affects the fight against global warming not individually but globally. Therefore, global commitment and collaboration among different stakeholders were key takeaways from the game.

Another interesting point was that unless we were changing our attitudes towards global warming, temperatures will continue to rise with severe consequences in the future. We were realising that investing in green energy might be a bit expensive in the short run, but it becomes cheaper and cheaper in the long run. That the rising temperatures minimizes at the same time through this green strategy was a key inspiration from the game.

The target card: Sea level rise © AAI

Investing in green innovations © AAI

Collaborate against global warming!

In a nutshell, the game highlights green energy as the future and asks for the participation, commitment and collaboration of everyone including governments and organisations for the fight against global warming! A funny and educative game, worthy of trying that has the potential to shape attitudes in the fight against global warming.

End of the game: The Developing Countries won by reaching their goals © AAI

Thumbs up to the “Afro Asiatische Institut Salzburg” team for coming up with such an initiative and the participants for their commitment and full involvement.

The participants © AAI

Written by Sainey Touray, AAI scholarship holder

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